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When a woman decides to marry and latter to start a family, there’s a world of resources providing the ingredients for success. But when she has a creative new product idea and decides to start a business…the key ingredient to start her business is not available.

The key ingredient according to the Kauffman Foundation – the largest US based entrepreneurial research and support organization – is MONEY. Their recent study A Rising Tide: Financing Strategies for Women-Owned Our SolutionFirms reveals that women startups, in terms of size and employees, are growing slower than their male based counterparts. Kauffman found two reasons: men have more wealth to leverage debt financing and
the “old boy’s’ investment community.

Yet against the odds, women and especially moms continue to start great businesses. A few of the notable examples are…

  • Baby List founded by Natalie Gordon
  • gDiapers started by Kim Graham-Nye, and
  • Baby Einstein created by Julie Aigner Clark
  • Nasty Gal the vision of Sophia Amoruso

Our Solution
But the fact remains, there would be MORE successful woman-based businesses if funding was more readily available.

Working together, we can provide women with the needed funding by launching a new crowd funding website called Nap Time Startups. It is exclusively devoted to raising capital for women entrepreneurs. Why women? For women, represent significant human capital with the ingredients for entrepreneurial success. Specifically, women are…

  • passionate about their ideas especially those improving lives and lifestyle
  • better educated – for every two guys graduating college there are now three ladies
  • natural consensus building decision makers
  • leaders in technology usage
  • household product evaluators

Our Solution
The bottom line is woman are poised to ignite innovation in industries ranging from juvenile products to smartphone apps. And Nap Time Startups is positioned to provide an efficient crowdfunding process for women raising startup capital.

The Nap Time Startup is unique…

  • Exclusive support of woman entrepreneurs
  • Availability of marketing tools plus a database of woman crowdfunding supporters
  • Vetting of products prior to crowdfunding
  • Mentoring affiliates

Vetting involves the product idea being evaluated by our own “Shark Tank” of successful entrepreneurs, which at the startups option is video broadcasted and consumer market research. If both give a thumbs up, the product is slated for success. If the product gets a thumbs down, we suggest that the product concept be returned to the drawing board before pursuing funding. By the way, the Shark Tank session is recordable and, at the discretion of the entrepreneur, displayed on YouTube and our website.

Our goal is to have the site live before year end and then to start raising funds for 1000’s of woman based businesses. The impact is significant for within 18 months every 1000 new mom based business will generate over 2500 jobs – that’s equal to the number of jobs created by a new auto plant – and we know that’s a rare occurrence!

Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on our crowd-funding campaign.

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