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Investor Presentation ContentBy John Montelione, Business Coach

I have my own biases from giving sales presentations to prospect customers that I would like to share with you. I usually start with who is my customer (in this case the investor) and what do they know about me.  Let’s view it from your position…

  • Who is your audience?
    They are money-managers or investors who want to invest in the next  Facebook.
  • What does the investor know about you?
    You have managed to get the attention of an investor. It is through a mutual contact, a great letter you wrote, a meeting at an investor fair, etc. Bottom line – he or she may have remembered something about you but now any info about you is three standard deviations from his central temporal lobe.
  • What do his/her partners know about you?
    Chances are one or two other partners may attend the meeting – they will know even less about you.
  • Will you have their mind share?
    Not fully – inevitably during your presentation at least one of the investors will be called away. 

            To grab the attention of investors, I like to breakdown presentations into five sections

  • Greed Appeal
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Big Market Picture
  • We’re A Winner
  • We’re A Great Investment

  Our next Blogs will discuss each of the five sections with slide by slide content.


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