EcoSystemOver a 14 year period at Fidelity Investments, Peter Lynch generated an annual return of over 29%. A record that has not been equaled. He often said that the individual can make more money than a Wall-Street stock fund manager. He believed the individual is able to spot good products and companies in their day-to-day lives before Wall Street.

At Nap Time Startups, we are developing an Ecosystem to enable donors and investors to spot good products and companies and provide startups with valuable user feedback.

- Vicki LeMay, CEO, Nap Time Startups


At Nap Time Startups, our goal is to provide mom and women entrepreneurs with long term financial guidance and funding, and donors and investors with quality, vetted opportunities. We want to double the rate of crowdfunding success from the industry average of less than 40% to 80%.

To achieve our goal, we are building a Crowdfunding Ecosystem. It is collaborative, transparent and promotes trust. The participants are the entrepreneur, her supporters (i.e., donor and investors), Nap Time Business Coaches and mentors. All have a similar goal – the successful launch and growth of the startup and achieving a profitable liquidity event. And all align themselves, as stakeholders, under the leadership of the entrepreneur as they play a significant role in the startup’s success.

The Ecosystem enables donors and investors to “spot” good products and gain insight into the company’s capabilities and month to month activities. Concurrently, the Ecosystem empowers the entrepreneur with long term financial guidance and funding, and the ability to reach out to “crowd” (i.e. her supporters) for product evaluation and market needs. Successful engagement can generate a winning marketing edge.




As shown above, the Ecosystem has five key elements.  They are…

  • My Startup Network - a business and social network enabling entrepreneurs, at their option, to profile their company, communicate and engage with donors, investors, Nap Time Startups business coaches and other crowdfunding entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly Reports - enables entrepreneurs to provide donors and investors with timely reporting on sales activities, financial conditions, and how crowdfunding monies are being spent.
  • Business Coaching – the Nap Time Startups Business Coaches provide entrepreneurs with guidance for designing and executing a long term funding program, insights to donors and investor communication and social media campaign designs.
  • Opportunity Previews - enables donors and investors to preview crowdfunding products and companies and become familiar with the entrepreneur and company.
  • Donor-Investor Feedback - provides entrepreneurs with valuable product evaluation and market needs from donors and investors.

Entrepreneurs, seeking funding, can register at My Startups by clicking here.  Crowdfunding donors or investors can register by clicking here. Save this page as a PDF by clicking here.